Fatfat accuses Hezbollah chief of declaring war on M14


fatfat 1MP Ahmad Fatfat, a key member of the Future Movement parliamentary Bloc blasted Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah’s speech describing it as ” extremely Dangerous” and accused him of declaring war on March 14 alliance and of possibly preparing for tough days ahead .

In an intervention with Future TV ¬†Fatfat said , the Tripoli declaration was not issued by March 14 alone but by the Alawite , Christian and Sunni communities and what Nasrallah said amounts to a declaration of war .”

He added: “This has been the Takfiri logic of hezbollah” since long time ago , because it considers wheover does not agree with it is a traitor and an agent that must be eliminated ”

He asked : “Isn’t this the party that blocked the creation of of a national unity government and toppled the government of former PM Saad Hariri? ” .

Fatfat stressed that ” Nasrallah’s talk about a national unity Government is deceptive and it is clear that he is preparing for a major internal conflict in the near futuire.

He continued: ” We feel that Nasrallah today has abandoned his resistance role and replaced it with a militia role…, adding “clearly he is not ready to withdraw from Syria and he is not interested in the national interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese people ‘s opinion.”

He added : “It is clear that Nasrallah ‘s main interest is not Lebanon , his main interest is Iran and the Iranian ” Revolutionary Guards .”

Fatfat warned that Hezbollah’s action in Syria is extremely dangerous because he is creating an atmosphere of extremism that will be encouraging the takfiris to come after him in Lebanon in order to justify his party’s presence in Syria