Several Syrians arrested for raping mentally-disabled boy


Zahle, Lebanon- The Lebanese Armed Forces arrested several Syrians in Zahle’s neighborhood of Temnin in the Beqaa region for having raped a sixteen-year-old boy from the town who suffers from a mental disability, National News Agency (NNA) reported on Saturday .

NNA added that the LAF raided Syrian tents in Temnin behind the Friday Market where they seized the Syrians accused of the rape .

The army also blocked the roads leading to Temnin al-Fawqa and Qsernaba where the tents were erected.

In another development NNA reported that the body of an unidentified male in his sixties was found in al-Saadiyat town. The man was reportedly stabbed to death.

The number of registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon is over 825,000 according to UN agency report, but the actual number of Syrians in Lebanon is over 1.5 million according to local reports.