Over 17,000 refugees entered Lebanon in 12 days


Syrian refugees in a settlement in Lebanon's Bekaa valleyAt least 17471 Syrian refugees have entered Lebanon between November 14th and 25th due to the battle in Syria’s Al-Qalamoun mountains , Social Affairs Ministry revealed on Thursday

“The Social Affairs Ministry has registered around 17,471 refugees between November 14th and 25th, due to the unrest in Syria’s Al-Qalamoun,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement mentioned that 17390 have entered the Beqaa area of Arsal and 81 sought refuge in Shebaa.

The ministry announced that it has established “a cell to coordinate relief work in cooperation with the UNHCR and concerned institutions.”

“The ministry is also working with the UNHCR to set up a reception area for refugees that fits 70 tents and is discussing the possibility of setting up another reception area in Arsal that fits 100 tents with Dar al-Fatwa.”

The northern Beqaa has been witnessing since November 15 a flood of Syrian refugees coming from the Qalamoun mountains after the eruption of a battle between the rebels and the forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al Assad backed by Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon

The UN refugee agency UNHCR has registered more than 813,000 Syrians in Lebanon, but unofficial reports put the number of Syrians in the country at over one and a half million.