Geagea: Lebanon can’t exist as long as Hezbollah is in power


geagea -nycLebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea blasted Hezbollah for its involvement in the Syrian civil war stressing that Lebanon can no longer exist as a state because of Hezbollah, describing it as an “armed gang that does not abide by the law.”

Commenting on Hezbollah’s call for partnership Geagea said:

“Hezbollah speaks of partnership, but when has it ever included others with its actions? Were we partners when it came to the Ayyoub drone, its fighting in Syria, or the events of May 7, 2008.”

“Lebanon can no longer exist as a state if Hezbollah continues to conduct itself as it has been for the past few years,” Geagea stressed.

Hezbollah’s illegitimate actions have led to lawlessness in Lebanon where several regions are not subject to the law. He said in reference to Hezbollah security quarters in Beirut suburbs and the Beqaa region and the alleged terrorist activities of the group in foreign countries.

“Hezbollah has been linked to terrorist activities abroad, such as Bulgaria and Thailand. Are these acts of a resistance or an illegitimate armed group?”, Geagea asked.

Commenting on the so called Ayyoub drone Geagea asked:

Where are the images that were captured by Hezbollah’s Ayyoub drone? Why weren’t these handed to the Lebanese state? They were instead sent to Iran.”

A senior Iranian lawmaker revealed in in October last year that the Islamic Republic is in possession of intelligence on Israeli secret sites obtained by Hezbollah’s Iranian-developed drone Ayyub, which flew over Israel last year.

“Over the past eight years, the party has been linked to more than one assassination,” Geagea said in reference to the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri and several other anti-Syrian Lebanese leaders.

“Over the past eight years, Hezbollah has acted purely as an illegitimate armed group, best demonstrated by the unrest of May 7, 2008.” He added, in reference to Hezbollah’s occupation of West Beirut and its failed attempt to ccuppy Mt Lebanon.

Given that the March 8 and 14 camps are in disagreement over all pending issues, a government that does not include both sides should be formed, Geagea said in reference to the impasse facing the formation of the new cabinet by caretaker PM Tammam Salam.

“Lebanon can never enjoy any peace and prosperity as long as Hezbollah is in power”, Geagea stressed

Commenting on Hezbollah description of the war in Syria as a war against Takfiris Geagea said:

“Some sides are portraying the conflict in Syria as being that of the regime against takfiris, while completely disregarding the Syrian people.”

Commenting on some sides’ fears over the presence of Christians in the East He said:” It is very unfortunate that some sides are exploiting this issue for the sake of the Syrian regime.” He said in a possible reference to Hezbollah’s ally MP Michel Aoun.

Questioning the role of Hezbollah as a resistance movement after the liberation of Lebanese territories in 2000 Geagea said

“The constitution does not make any reference to any resistance movement, which renders Hezbollah unconstitutional. The National Pact does not make any reference to the resistance.” He added: Hezbollah is an illegal party. It is not a resistance, but an organized armed gang that does not abide by the law.”

Commenting on the porous Lebanese Syrian borders Geagea said:

“We have been demanding since the eruption of the revolt in Syria that the army be deployed along the border with Syria. This could have averted the flow of gunmen to the neighboring country.”

Geagea added “contrary to what Hezbollah chief has said Hezbollah’s fighting in Syria is leading Lebanon towards becoming a second Iraq.”

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah claimed recently that his party’s intervention in Syria is aimed at avoiding the transformation of Lebanon into a second Iraq”

Geagea added: “In his recent speeches the Hezbollah chief is trying to make the people believe that the Syrian regime, which is the example of innocence, is being attacked by the U.S., other countries, and takfiris. This vision of the Syrian conflict is very far from the truth. ” and accused him of poisoning the people’s thoughts which he said is more dangerous than the bombings that had taken place in Lebanon.

The shiites refer to the Sunni Muslims as Takfiris and The Sunnis refer to the Shiites as takfiris.

Commenting on the insistence of Hezbollah and its allies to discuss the oil file He said: “We reject holding any cabinet session to discuss the oil file, not because we don’t want to address this issue, but because we want this matter to be handled by honest officials.” Stressing that the oil minister handling the issue is not qualified to handle such a file

The oil issue is being handled by caretaker energy minister Gibran Bassil, the son-in-law of MP Michel Aoun a close ally of Hezbollah