Geagea: If situation continues there won’t be a republic


geagea def20Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea disclosed in remarks published on Monday that he made an unannounced visit to President Michel Suleiman at the Baabda presidential palace and revealed various political developments, according to a report by NOW

“The meeting was long. We tackled several issues and I voiced [the LF’s] point of view that the government formation needs to be expedited because delaying it further will end up destroying the constitution ,” Geagea told Al-Akhbar newspaper.

“If the situation continues as it is, we will end up without a constitution and without a republic,” he added.

Geagea also revealed that he and Suleiman shared many points of view.

“The meeting was very good and the atmosphere was friendly. Despite the differences in some points of view, we have shared the same point of view regarding the current situation and the intention to form a new cabinet,” Geagea said.

Commenting on the plenary parliament session scheduled for Wednesday, October 23, Geagea reiterated that his party’s MPs and its allies will boycott it.
“The session is unconstitutional. The schedule has not changed, and for this reason our stance has not changed either,” Geagea said.

The session was postponed several times due to lack of quorum, since the majority of the Lebanese MPs consider it unconstitutional.

On the other hand Geagea revealed that the LF bloc would attend the parliament session on Tuesday, October 22, to vote for new members for parliamentary committees.