Lebanon speaker warns of plan to tear up the Arab countries


berri defLebanese Speaker Nabih Berri warned on Sunday that the scheme of tearing apart some Arab countries is still ongoing and the region is facing a dangerous situation that requires a responsible and firm stance.

“There is a continuing plan to tear apart, divide and drown many Arab countries in blood and civil wars,” Berri’s press office quoted him as saying in Geneva

“This storm is hitting the Arab [world] from Libya and Egypt to Syria and puts the region in a dangerous situation. Confronting this plan requires a firm and responsible stance,” Berri added

Berri traveled to Switzerland on Saturday to take part in the 129th Inter-Parliamentary Union conference, according to a report by the al-Hayat newspaper .

The report added that Berri is expected to hold talks in Geneva with a number of heads of parliaments of Arab and international countries on the margins of the conference.

His discussions are likely to focus on Arab and international developments, al-Hayat added.

The speaker is participating in a preparatory meeting on Sunday for the Arab parliamentary union and the union of the parliaments of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference is scheduled to tackle the agenda of its March 2014 meeting.

The agenda will focus on eliminating nuclear arms worldwde

Berri is accompanied on his trip by MPs Abdul Latif al-Zein, Gilberte Zouein, and Elie Aoun.

5 equals 14

Berri’s statement comes after a report in the New York Times which published an analytical study prepared by its centre on remapping of the Middle East in which five Arab countries will be divided into 14 petty states.

The study covers five countries: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and says the anticipation is triggered by the Arab Spring revolutions.

syria , Iraq saudi divisionRegarding Syria, the New York Times expected the country to be divided into three states:
One is for the Alawite sect that has ruled Syria for the past 40 years , to which the current President Bashar Assad belongs. The paper anticipates the Alawites to establish their state along the Syrian coast of the Mediterranean Sea, besides a state for the Kurds that extends to Kurdistan in Iraq, and Syria’s Sunnis will join the Sunni provinces in Iraq to form Sunnistan.

Regarding Iraq, the land that has been hard hit by communal violence after the US invasion, is expected, according to the report to be divided into 3 states : Its north will unite with north of Syria in a “Kurdistan” state, the Sunnis will unite with Sunnis in Syria in Sunnistan and the rest of the country will remain for the Shiite and will be called Shiitestan

Concerning Libya, the NY Times anticipated it to break up into three petty states; one in the northwest with Tripoli as its capital, and the other in the east with Benghazi as its capital and the Fazan state, part of Sabha, known for its allegiance to Gaddafi during 17th February Revolution.

Yemen is expected to be divided in two Yemens, north Yemen and South Yemen.

Saudi Arabia will will be divided into into five states, “Habistan” in the centre and another in the west that will include Mecca, Medina and Jeddah; a third state in the south, a fourth one in the east with Dammam as its capital and a fifth state in the north.

The entire Yemen, or at least its south, is likely to become part of Saudi Arabia, whose trade almost entirely depends on the sea. An outlet to the Arabian Sea will reduce its total dependence on the strait of Hormuz .