over 13000 syrian refugees fled to Lebanon last week, UNHCR


syria_refugees_002The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reported Saturday that it registered more than 13,000 Syrian refugees who crossed into Lebanon in the last week.

The new arrivals took to 779,000 the total official number of Syrians receiving assistance from the agency and partner aid agencies, according to the UNHCR weekly report.

The figure includes 678,000 refugees registered with the agency while 101, 000 refugees have yet to be registered.

The refugees are distributed among Lebanese areas as follows; 226,000 in Baqaa, 217,000 in northern Lebanon, 144,000 in Beirut and suburbs, and 90,000 in southern Lebanon, according to the report.


Photo: Syrians fleeing their country register with U.N. centers like this one in Al Mina, Lebanon, in order to receive monetary assistance for food and rent, medical care and items like blankets, mattresses and basic kitchen kits.