Syrian national killed in an explosion in Lebanon


A Syrian citizen was killed in an explosion at his home in the coastal town of Halat, in Gbeil district ,just north of the capital Beirut, National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The victim, identified as Moussa Mustapha Ibrahim, died when an unidentified device exploded on Tuesday in his room that he is renting from Rafic Bassil.

“We are still in the initial stage of the investigation,” Military prosecutor Judge Saqr Saqr told reporters after he arrived at the incident.

“There is the smell of gunpowder,” he said, when asked about more details by a reporter.

The Internal Security Forces Intelligence Branch arrested the victim’s brother, in addition to his brother’s wife and friend who live with him in the same room, NNA added.

Explosives experts later arrived to investigate the incident. Started out by searching a Peugeot car that was parked in front of the apartment.



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