Hezbollah pressured airline not to fly to Kleyate airport


Karim Rifai  lebanese activistThe issue of opening a second airport in Lebanon is the demand of most of the Lebanese citizens. Under the headline: “secure Beirut airport, prepare Kleyate airport ” independent political activist will hold a press conference on Wednesday at the Press Club to reveal the result of the efforts and developments in this regard.

Activist Karim Rifai ( pictured )  told al Jamhouriya newspaper in remarks published on Wednesday that one of the airlines contracted to operate between Kleyate and Beirut airport was prevented by Hezbollah from taking off from Hariri international airport in Beirut to the Kleyate airport.

Rifai added that efforts are continuing to allow the plane to fly from Beirut to Kleyate but we “dont know when will this happen “.
renee mouawad airport sign

Reacting to the kidnapping kidnapping of the 2 Turkish pilots on their way from Rafik Hariri International Airport to their hotel in downtown Beirut, March 14 MP Mohammad Kabbara proposed on August 10 activating the Renee Mouawad airport in Kleyate (Matar al-Qulay`at), for international travel since the Rafik Hariri International Airport has become a haven for terrorists .

Describing the abduction as a terrorist act par excellence Kabbara said the airport is infiltrated by terrorists from the control tower all the way to its porters. He added that the kidnapping took place few meters away from the army checkpoint and yet the army could not secure the safety of the pilots.