A car with 250 kg of explosives found in al-Nahmeh, Update


250 kg( 550 lbs) of explosives and wireless devices were discovered late Saturday in an Audi car parked near the municipality of al-Nahmeh, a coastal city in the Chouf region , south of the capital Beirut, LBC reported on Saturday .

The internal security forces immediately rushed to the scene and confirmed that the car was loaded with 4 boxes of TNT in addition to several other types of explosives but it was not prepared for bombing.

At least three people of a gang of 4 detained by the General Security Directorate confessed that they were planning to detonate the booby-trapped car that was found in al- Nahmeh

According to Naharnet the confessions of the car-bombing ring helped the security agencies seize the car parked in al- Nahmeh .

The members of the network revealed that the car, which was rigged with explosives, was set to be detonated in another area.

The Audi car reportedly had fake license plate numbers .

National News Agency later reported that the gang confessed that they belong to a network which was planning to detonate several cars across Lebanon.