Blast in Hezbollah stronghold kills 13 injures120


blast in Hezbollah stronghold 2The Lebanese Red Cross significantly raised the death toll from the blast that rocked the Hezbollah stronghold of the Lebanese militant Hezbollah group in the Dahieh southern suburb of the capital Beirut to 13 and over 120 injuries

The blast went off on the beginning of the Hadi Nasrallah Highway under a bridge facing the Harkous Chicken Restaurant in Ruwais.

Al-Mayadeen TV reported that a security cordon has been imposed around the blast scene in Dahieh.

Several Lebanese leaders condemned the blast

Al-Jadeed ( New TV) quoted forer Lebanese president Amin Gemayel as saying:” The events in Dahieh target all of Lebanon.”

MTV quoted Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt as saying: “We condemn the terrorist explosion which targeted innocent people in Dahiieh.

The blast went off on the beginning of the Hadi Nasrallah Highway under a bridge facing the Harkous Chicken Restaurant in Ruwais.

A previously unknown group calling itself the “Aisha the Mother of Believers Brigades for Foreign Missions” claimed responsibility for Thursday’s bombing in a video posted on You Tube.

The masked men in the video announce: “We, The Aisha Mother of Believers Brigades for foreign missions, send you Hassan Nasrallah and your party our second resonant, strong message after having sent you our first message and you still do not understand.”

Voice of Lebanon (100.5) reported that more than 13 people killed and 42 injured in the Dahieh blast. the report added that the Army says the explosion caused by bomb weighing between 60 (132 – 176 lbs) and 80 kilograms.

Al-Jadeed ( New TV) reported that six buildings caught fire as a result of the blast. The report added that Hezbollah leaders denied rumors that the explosion targeted a party official.

Jumblatt accused Israel of being behind the blast .

The blast comes a day after Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah claimed during an interview with Lebanese television station Al-Mayadeen that two remote-control bombs detonated inside Lebanon when the Israeli force crossed the border. He said Hezbollah members knew in advance the Israelis were coming and planted the bombs to target them.

Update: A Syrian young man was arrested near the blast scene on suspicion of involvement in the attack, New TV reported

Update 2: Al-Manar reported that four martyrs and around 100 injured arrive at Al-Rasoul al-Aatham Hospital

Update 3 : Death toll rose from 13 to 20 Reuters reported on Thursday

Update 3: The blast was condemned by more lebanese leaders
President Michel Suleiman denounce the Dahieh explosion is a cowardly act and said , its criminal method has Israel’s prints all over it.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam denounced the explosion and called for joint efforts and support for the security forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces.

MP Suleiman Franjieh a staunch ally of Hezbollah denounced the” terrorist explosion targeting Dahieh on the day of victory”. In a possible reference to the day the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah ended and when Hezbollah declared the result of the war as a divine victory .

Amal MP Abdel Majid Saleh said ” The Israeli enemy and its agents had something to do with the explosion.

FPM leader MP Michel Aoun a staunch ally of Hezbollah told Al-Manar: The explosion’s timing aims at attacking the victory of the 2006 war and to incite the Lebanese people against each other.In a possible reference to the day the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah ended.

Aoun added: “Whoever tries to do such an act is not human.”

Caretaker PM Najib Mikati declared tomorrow “a day of national mourning” .

Former PM Saad Hariri denounced the blast: “This abhorrent crime is part of a vicious terrorist scheme that aims to ignite the fire of strife and evil across Lebanon.”

U.S. Ambassador Maura Connelly strongly condemned the Dahieh blast, extending Washington’s “deepest condolences for the loss of innocent lives.”

Update: The Lebanese Health Ministry announced that 16 were killed and 226 injured in Dahieh bomb blast.