March 14 accuses Hezbollah of holding Lebanon hostage


march 14 logo 2The March 14 General Secretariat accused the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group of holding the Lebanese state hostage to its interests.

“Since Hezbollah confirmed taking part in the fighting in Syria, the Lebanese state was put in a position of confrontation with the international community as it is considered to be unable to respect the most basic demands of sovereignty and legal cooperation with the outside world,” the March 14 General Secretariat said in a statement issued on Wednesday .

“The Lebanese have the right to resist the project that aims to turn their country into a ‘hostage country’, taken over by a group of adventurers who give priority to their interests and other regional interests over Lebanon’s.”

The statement also called on the Lebanese citizens to “confront the current deterioration and back the project of the state that represent all the aspects of justice, power, and constitutional legitimacy.”

The Shiite group Hezbollah is facing increasing internal pressure especially after it took part in the fighting raging in neighboring Syria, especially from the pro-Western March 14 coalition, which is also opposed to providing Hezbollah with veto powers in the upcoming government.