Egypt’s military launches Desert Storm to deal with violence


CAIRO–Egypt’s armed forces started a military operation to combat terrorism and violence in Sinai peninsula, state-run Ahram website reported Saturday, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

Egypt’s military launched the operation, dubbed “Desert Storm,” to deal with increasing violence in Sinai, Ahram quoted an official military source as saying.

Formations from the second and third field military have launched the operation to lay siege to the terrorism elements and centers in Sinai desert and mountain roads, especially in the north and middle areas, the source said.

The first wave of the operation will take 48 hours, and supreme leadership of the army in coordination between the field army, naval and air forces has imposed strict control measures over the roads, tunnels and ferries which connect Sinai with other governorates, he said.

Initial reports said the number of terrorist personnel who own heavy weaponry is almost 500, the source said.

Meanwhile, the interior minister said in a televised press conference on Saturday the continuation of the deteriorated security conditions in Sinai are no longer acceptable, adding, “Sinai’s issue will be closed soon.”