Number Of Syrian Refugees In Lebanon Equivalent To 75 Million In America


UN LibyaUNITED NATIONS – Lebanon’s ambassador to the U.N. told the Security Council Tuesday that the estimated 1.2 million Syrian refugees in his country now represents one quarter of the Lebanese population.

Framing that number to U.S. acting-Representative Rosemary DiCarlo, the President of the Security Council for the month of July, Dr. Nawaf Salam said the refugee flow would represent two times the population of Canada landing on the shores of the United States.

“Madam President, it’s as if your country, the United States of America, were going to have an influx of 75 million refugees,” Salam said. “Could you imagine the impacts of an influx of such magnitude on your country?”

Of the 1,400 locations accommodating refugees in Lebanon, Syrian refugees now outnumber the local population in a third of them.

Ya Libnan Editors note:

Salam missed big time in his calculations
The actual number should be 88 and not 75 million
While Lebanon has a population of 4.26 million , the US has a population of 314 million
(1.2/4.26)x314= 88.45 million