Angelina Jolie urges world leaders to end Syria conflict


Angelina Jolie jordanActress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie has urged world leaders to end the conflict in Syria.

Speaking at a news conference in a refugee camp in Jordon she said: “I appeal to the world leaders to please set aside your differences, unite to end the violence, make diplomacy succeed.”

“The UN Security Council must live up to its responsibilities,” she added.

Since the Syrian conflict began in March 2011, at least 93,000 people have been killed, the UN said on 13 June.

The number of people fleeing the conflict in Syria has reached 1.6 million, according to the latest figures from the United Nations.




12 responses to “Angelina Jolie urges world leaders to end Syria conflict”

  1. The day Angelina Jolie urges “world leaders” to end the NATO war on Syria from the largest refugee population on Earth, a Palestinian camp, then and only then, will we take anything she says seriously.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Ahhh yes … ‘Palestinian’.
      Well, as we know, Lebanon is too dangerous to venture into at the moment. :-))

      1. is Jordan just as dangerous? why not the numerous refugee camps in Palestine itself?
        easy to spot a fraud, nothing new here.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          She speaks for all refugees in the world. Syria is just the latest ‘problem’.
          And Jordan is not as dangerous – according to Jordanian friends.
          Of course, friends in Beirut know to avoid Tripoli, and think they are OK. 😉

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          And .. speaking of ‘fraud’, Mr. Palestine …. aside from that being one of the biggest ones ever perpetrated on ‘a people’ of many religions … (and yes I understand Israel is not very kosher either) …
          YOU would do well to consider that a ‘High Profile’ person such as Jolie is willing to STAND UP and speak with an ‘a-political’ voice of humanity, for so many who cannot be heard otherwise. Nothing she has said is ‘fraud’. It is real … is from the heart … and the heart of a woman is the one TOO OFTEN totally ignored.
          Jolie – with the personal problems in life that all humans may be subjected to – could be happily sitting at pool-side with a good Scotch and listening to NONE of the crying in the world. Brahms would be a better choice.
          If YOU can’t take her seriously, keep it to yourself.

          1. That’s hilarious.

            first of all, Syria is not the “latest problem” and like all the “celebrity humanitarians” before her, their causes are pathetically selective.
            i have to admit that Jolie would need a few more years before she could reach the level of fraud that say Bono is but she’s not far off.

            making noise about Syria makes sense when you standing next to the perpetrator of the conflict Hague. yet somehow ignoring Palestinian refugees or perhaps EU mercenaries in Congo is all too telling.

            Jolie is given a script and she follows it. its all money anyway.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I suppose you’d be happier if the UN and ‘the west’ just walked away completely.

          3. The “west” can’t walk away, all the resources they need to survive is elsewhere, thats the problem in the first place.
            Imperialism and “humanitarian” invasions are not for the well-being of the countries attacked… Jolie, Bono, Geldof are simply tools of imperialism, making noise and raising concern where NATO needs to be.

            you think the people of Niger are happy that CIA-Al-Qaida now infects their country while NATO guards the uranium mines?

            when Jolie sets foot in a Palestinian refugee camp, call me…

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