UN rights council slams Hezbollah in Syria


hezbollah pointing  its arms against the syriansThe United Nations’ top human rights forum on Friday condemned the involvement of foreign fighters in Syria’s civil war, singling out the pro-regime forces sent across the border by Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The 47-member UN Human Rights Council backed a resolution from the US, Britain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with 37 votes in favour, nine abstentions and just one member, Venezuela, against.

The text said that the council “condemns the intervention of all foreign combatants in the Syrian Arab Republic, including those fighting on behalf of the regime and most recently Hezbollah”.

It said that the involvement of foreign forces in the conflict “further exacerbates the deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation, which has a serious negative impact on the region”.

In a related development German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said that Hezbollah’s involvement in al-Qussair battles is a “dangerous turn of events in Syria,” condemning Hezbollah fighters ‘ targeting of civilians in the city. Hundreds of Hezbollah fighters have reportedly been killed while fighting in support of the Syrian regime of president Bashar al Assad.

Russia which is the strongest backer of the Syrian regime slammed the UN Human Rights Council resolution, which condemned Hezbollah’s role in Syria. “The resolution is biased and counterproductive,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in statement on Saturday. “It is directed against the government of Syria and ignores the crimes committed by the radical opposition.”

GN/ Agencies