An Anti-Hezbollah protester killed in Lebanon rally


clashes near iran embassy, beirutClashes  erupted outside the Iranian embassy in the Bir Hassan’s Beirut neighborhood between protesters opposing Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian war and supporters of Hezbollah resulted in the killing of one demonstrator and the wounding of sevral others , according to security sources.

Ahmad El Assaad , son of the former speaker of the Lebanese Parliament and founder of the Shiite Lebanese Option Gathering ( LOG) party told Future TV  on Sunday that the person that was killed today in front of the Iranian embassy in Beirut was Hashem Salman (28) the headed of LOG’s student body.

Sources told LBC that all the wounded belong to the Lebanese Option Gathering party, which is opposed to Hezbollah’s allegiance to Iran and Syria

The protest at the embassy coincided with another rally in downtown Beirut also criticizing Hezbollah’s military intervention in Syria’s conflict.

The Army Command issued a statement  in which it said:  : “The military is pursuing the assailant who opened fire near the Iranian embassy to detain him and hand him over to the competent judicial authority.”

Hezbollah’s participation in the fighting in Syria alongside the regime forces has increasingly heightened political and sectarian tensions in Lebanon. Clashes in north Lebanon have intensified since Hezbollah said last month it would side with Syria’s President Bashar Assad until he defeats the rebels who seek to topple him .