Ghouta, Damascus, Hezbollah’s next target in Syria


hezbollah pointing  its arms against the syriansHeavy clashes between the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah and Syrian rebels have been taking place in a Damascus district, Ghouta, since Monday, activists said.

Recent reports of clashes in Ghouta emerged as opposition fighters battled President Bashar al-Assad’s forces aided by Hezbollah for control of the key rebel stronghold of Qusayr, a Syrian town near the Lebanese border.

The Shiite groups’ involvement in the Syrian civil war has stirred international condemnation with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stating that he was “deeply concerned” by Hezbollah’s role.

Activists said that thousands of Hezbollah fighters were training in an air force intelligence center in Al-Masraf region near Damascus International Airport, adding that the Lebanese group has taken over nine towns in the Al-Murj area neighboring Ghouta.

In more new, activists said that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on Monday in various areas, including Jawbar, Al-Baharayia.

The French foreign minister said on Monday that there were “mounting suspicisions” that the Assad regime was using chemical weapons.

However, Laurent Fabius added that “very detailed verification” was necessary.

43 bodies

Sources of Lebanese newspaper al Jamhouria have revealed that the opposition fighters are holding 43 bodies, mostly of Hezbollah fighters( some are are for Syrian army soldiers) , and that the rebels are willing to negotiate an exchange deal.

Al Arabiya / Al Jamhouria