Mouawad warns that Qusayr could be Hezbollah’s Vietnam


mouawad michel 2Head of the Independence Movement Michel Mouawad slammed on Sunday Hezbollah’s fighting in Syria saying that it is aimed at executing Iranian Agenda in the region.

In a press conference he said: “The battle of al-Qusayr is aimed at linking Hezbollah-controlled Lebanese regions to Syrian Alawite-controlled regions in order to divide Syria into enclaves in the future.”

Hezbollah has thrown its military might into the Syrian regime’s fight against rebels seeking to topple President Bashar Assad.

Mouawad warned that al- Qusayr could be Hezbollah’s Vietnam

“The battle in al-Qusayr will act as Hezbollah’s Vietnam and it will have repercussions on the whole of Lebanon,” he declared.

syria ethnic mapQusair is important to Assad because it sits on a land corridor linking two of his strongholds, the capital of Damascus and the mostly Alawite towns on the Mediterranean coast.

Mouawad rejected Nasrallah’s claims that the party is combating takfiris in Syria, saying that extremism cannot be fought with extremism.

“We cannot confront Sunni extremism with Shiite extremism. We can confront these phenomenons through moderation,” Mouawad stressed.

“Does toppling the state protect Lebanon from the takfiri threat?” he asked

He warned that Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria is paving the way for Sunni-Shiite strife in the region.

Turning to Shiites in Lebanon, Mouawad called on them to reject Hezbollah’s agenda, “which is aimed at protecting Iranian interests at your expense.”

He urged the Shiites to cooperate with the rest of the lebanese to achieve a better future for Lebanon

“We must cooperate together to reach a better future for Lebanon,” he said.

“Nasrallah’s speech on Saturday destroyed the concept of resistance in Lebanon and turned Hezbollah into a sectarian militia,” Mouawad stressed and criticized Free Patriotic Movement of MP Michel Aoun for supporting the militant group