Geagea brands Aoun as ‘worst thing for Christians’


geagea def 4During a press conference on Thursday Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea slammed Free patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, branded him as the worst thing that ever haoppened to the Christians of Lebanon.

Geagea was responding in his press conference to Aoun’s Wednesday attack after the announcemnet of the electoral law deal reached between the Lebanese Forces, The Future Movemnt and the progressive Socialist Party. Aoun was angered by the agreement since it resulted in the death of the Orthodox Gathering proposed electoral law .

Responding to Aoun’s criticism for abandoning the Orthodox electoral law Geagea said: “Hezbollah does not want the Orthodox Gathering’s proposal, it was just performing a political maneuver”.

Geagea added: “Aoun wants the adoption of the 1960’s law and his statements are a proof of this. Why did Aoun call for adopting a law based on proportional representation and Lebanon as one district, or the adoption of the cabinet’s proposal if he is so keen on Christians’ rights?

Geagea asked : “Does Aoun’s stance serve the interest of the Christians of Lebanon. The presence of the Christians in Lebanon depends on having a stable , sovereign and secure state. Did the alliance of Aoun with extremist party like Hezbollah serve the interest of the Christians of Lebanon. Did Hezbollah’s occupation of the center of Beirut benefit the Christians. Does Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian uprising on the side of the Syrian regime benefit the Chrisitians of lebanon ?

Geagea added: “Did the 2006 war secure Christians’ rights?

Geagea told Aoun: “You cover your failure by attacking the Lebanese Forces.”