Hezbollah, PSP ties hit low point


jumblatt- nasrallah 040910The ties between Hezbollah and Progressive Socialist Party which is headed by MP Walid Jumblatt have reached a low point as the result of the dispute over the formation of the cabinet, according to Lebanese media reports .

While Jumblatt supports a 24-minister government that specifies equal distribution of portfolios between the March 8, March 14, and centrist camps, the Hezbollah-led March 8 coalition has rejected this formula and is demanding veto power in the government ( one third of the cabinet plus one) .

PM designate Tammam Salam has totally rejected giving any camp a veto power and vowed to step down if any of the March 8 camp ministers resign in the cabinet he is trying to form.

Sources close to Jumblatt told al-Liwaa newspaper that consultations are ongoing to reach common ground over the distribution of portfolios and to grant the March 8 alliance further guarantees over the matter.

As Safir newspaper reported that Caretaker Social Affairs Minister Wael Abou Faour, a key member of PSP, held talks on Monday night with Hezbollah Liaison and Coordination Officer Wafiq Safa to discuss the cabinet formation issue.

Jumblatt and Hezbollah also disagree over the situation in Syria. While Jumblatt has been critical of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad , Hezbollah’s fighters are helping the Syrian regime in i crackdown against the Syrian uprising