UAE warns its citizens not to travel to Lebanon


The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised Emirati citizens not to travel to Lebanon due to the current situation in the region “for their own safety”.

“If necessary, holders of diplomatic and special passports planning to travel to Lebanon should obtain prior permits from the Ministry and should coordinate with it before departure by calling the Ministry on 02-4449600,” a statement said.

As for holders of normal passports, the Ministry requests them to sign a pledge at the airport to take full responsibility when they travel to Lebanon.

Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, the Ministry Undersecretary, said the travel advice was issued out of the ministry’s keenness to maintain the safety of citizens.

He appealed to citizens to comply with the travel advice until further notice and take utmost caution when traveling abroad.

He also advised travellers to visit the ministry’s website frequently to update themselves on the latest official advice and to register with its travel advice service so that the ministry knows their whereabouts and can offer help in case of emergency.
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