Iran threatens to turn Golan into Fatahland


golan heights mapIran on Wednesday issued war-like declarations against Israel, calling for volunteers to fight for Syria’s regime and vowing to turn the Golan Heights into a “Fatahland.”
The threats came via a Al Akhbar a pro Hezbollah newspaper that cited Iranian officials, Israel’s Ynet News reported. Despite the aggressive tone, the paper reported that Iranian officials are more intent on halting future Israeli attacks on Syria, rather than declaring all-out war.

Still, one message was clear: Iran is calling for fighters to target the Golan region, dominated by Israelis.

“A final decision has been taken to turn the Golan Heights into the new ‘Fatahland’ and the front will be open to Syrians, Palestinians and to all who want to fight Israel,” the unnamed Iranian source said in the Ynet report.

Washington Times