PSP denied rejection of Berri’s electoral law


cabinet Wael Abou Faour-Social affairs ministerCaretaker Social Affairs Minister Wael Abou Faour  denied  on Monday   following a meeting with Speaker Berri that the National Struggle Front  which is headed by PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt  has rejected Berri’s electoral law proposal.

Abou Faour , a key member of the Progressive Socialist Party ( PSP)  reiterated what Jumblatt stressed earlier on Monday that the differences over the electoral law with the parliament speaker will not affect the good relations between them.

“Our relations remain strong either on the cabinet formation process or on efforts to reach agreement on an electoral law,” Abou Faour said.

Abou Faour also stressed that what the media  reported in regards to PSP’s refusal of Berri’s proposal is not accurate and indicated that PSP  will continue with its consultations in order to reach consensus regarding the electoral law adding that he and his colleagues  agreed with Berri that his proposal is “not ideal”.

“We can’t guarantee through Berri’s proposal the best representation for all the Lebanese,” said Abou Faour .

The meeting at Ain el-Tineh included  in addition to  Abou Faour,  Amal’s minister Ali Hassan Khalil, PSP’s MP Akram Chehayyeb and  Hisham Nassereddine.

According to media reports Berri proposed to  Jumblat, a hybrid electoral law  under which 55 to 60 percent of candidates are elected via the winner-takes-all system and the remaining 40 to 45 percent of lawmakers would be elected under the proportional representation system.

Berri’s proposal also merges Shouf and Aley districts  into a single electoral district.



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