EDL: Fuel supplied to Fatmagul meets specifications


Fatmagul power-shipThe state owned Electricité du Liban declared on Monday that it is committed to the implementation of the contract between the Energy and Water Ministry and the Turkish Karadeniz power company which owns the Fatmagul power-ship, LBC reported on Monday.

The report added that EDL revealed that the specifications of the fuel oil delivered to the Turkish ship matches the one detailed in the contract, adding that the Turkish company carried out the appropriate tests.

Accordingly, the company said that it is working on finding the right solution through intensifying its meetings with the Turkish party, in order for the power ship to resume its energy production.

Ten out of eleven generators on the Turkish power ship “Fatmagül Sultan” have now stopped working, leading the power supply in Lebanon to return to its former state prior to the arrival of the Turkish ship. Instead of supplying 220 MW of power, the ship is now supplying only about 20 MW.

Earlier reports blamed the malfunction of the power generation units on the fuel supplied by the Lebanese government .