Syrian envoy cries wolf again


syrian ambassador ali aliSyrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali cried wolf again on Tuesday when he complained over the violations occurring along the Lebanese-Syrian border and claimed they were initiated by the Lebanese side and not from Syria.

“The attacks are coming from Lebanon against Syria, and not the other way round. They are led on a daily basis by gunmen based in Lebanese territory,” National News Agency quoted Ali as saying.

According to Lebanese security sources the Syrian troops have conducted a number of incursions into Lebanese territory, some of which have resulted in fatalities. Syrian armed forces have also been accused of kidnapping Lebanese nationals along the border.

Hours before Ali spoke three shells coming from Syria exploded in the Lebanese territory, causing damage to two houses and injuring a young boy, National News Agency reported.

The shells landed in the northern town of Dababiyeh during clashes between rebels and regime forces inside Syria, the report added.

They caused damage to two houses belonging to members of the Ahmad family and caused slight injuries to Mustafa Ahmad.

Following the discovery last August of the explosives that were transported from Syria by former Minister Michel Samaha , Lebanese president Michel Suleiman congratulated the Internal Security forces and announced that he is waiting for a phone call from President Assad about Syrian General Ali Mamlouk’s alleged participation in a terrorist plot with Samaha, but the call never came.

MP Sami Gemayel slammed on February 22 the Lebanese authorities for not suspending diplomatic ties with Syria after the judiciary sought the death penalty for Mamlouk and his Syrian aide Adnan over their role in the terror plot.

Gemayel also wondered how the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon( Ali Abdul Karim Ali), wasn’t expelled or summoned.