Municipal by-elections held across Lebanon


marwan charbel interior minister defMunicipal by-elections were held in several towns and villages across Lebanon on Sunday, as the list backed by the Phalange Party, the Free Patriotic Movement, ex-MP Mikhail al-Daher and some Lebanese Forces figures was declared the winner in the Akkar town of al-Qoubaiyat.

The counting of votes started at 7:00 p.m. as polling stations closed in the various regions.

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said from al-Qoubaiyat: “The by-elections confirm that despite all the incidents democracy still exists in Lebanon.”

OTV said “5,290 out of 9,000 voters took part in the municipal by-elections in al-Qoubaiyat and the voter turnout reached 58.78%,”

In the northern region of Akkar, elections took place also in the town of Qlaiaat.

The by-elections, which did not witness any major security incidents, took place in 17 villages and towns in the districts of Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa, North, and South.

Army troops and security forces deployed in the areas witnessing elections to avert any possible unrest and ensure the safety of voters.

In Aley, by-elections were held in the towns of al-Kahhaleh and Sarahmoul.

In the South, 27 candidates were running for the municipal seats in the Jezzine town of Kafarhouna.

Some municipal councils have already won uncontested while others are likely to witness fierce battles between the March 8 majority and March 14 alliance candidates.

Naharnet/ Now