Lebanon president: Election will be held on time


cabinet meeting 122111 mikati  L suleimanPresident Michel Suleiman stressed at the beginning of a cabinet session held at the Baabda Palace that the parliamentary elections will be held on time, but criticized the ministers that violated the consensus reached at the cabinet over the the electoral law

“The draft electoral law which calls for proportional representation was referred to parliament for discussion and the ministers should not have violated the government’s consensus over the proposal.”

This was in reference to Free Patriotic Movement ministers who supported the cabinet’s decision but later changed their mind and decided instead to support the proposal of the so called Orthodox gathering which calls on each sect to vote for its candidates

Suleiman denied obstructing the Orthodox Gathering proposal saying he was never consulted about it

“How could I have obstructed a consensus that I was not consulted about?”

The leading four Maronite Christian parties …. the Phalange , Marada , Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces agreed about 10 days ago to adopt the electoral law proposed by the Orthodox Gathering.

March 14 opposition alliance’s independent Christian politicians, Future Movement, and MP Walid Jumblat’s Progressive Socialist Party have all criticized Orthodox Gathering proposal for allegedly deepening sectarian divisions.

Suleiman last week also described it as unconstitutional and media reports said the president would not sign the bill if adopted by parliament.

Lebanon is set to elect a new parliament in June 2013

According to a report by Saudi Riyad newspaper PM Nagib Mikati planning to announce June 9 th as the election day.