Gemayel: Hezbollah preventing Lebanon from advancing


Former Lebanese president  and current Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel  told New TV during an interview on Sunday   that Dialogue has been postponed indefinitely and there are reasons that prevented others from participation, but our culture in the Phalange Party is dialogue and dialogue played a great role in avoiding crises throughout Lebanon’s history.

Commenting on the situation in Lebanon he said: “What prevents the country from advancing and what disrupts the democratic life in Lebanon is Hezbollah.  . I tried a lot with the party to correct our  ties with Hezbollah … our relationship was good until the eve of the war in July 2006, which wiped out all the pros.”

Turning to Hezbollah chief he said: ” If only  Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah  can relieve  us of his advice because  to us it it is enough to deal with his disastrous government.” In other words Thanks but no thanks ..

He added: “We’re keen on the culture of dialogue which all Lebanese must endorse, and I understand the stance of our allies who are boycotting dialogue, especially amid the presence of a camp ( Hezbollah’s led March 8 alliance) that continues to turn its back on dialogue’s previous resolutions. ”

In response to president Suleiman’s repeated call for dialogue he said:

“We are against boycotting the presidency, the parliament and other state institutions and we’re keen on bolstering the presidency”.

Electoral law

He told New TV: My impression is that we will reach a positive result concerning the electoral law.

He added: The meeting of the Bkirki committee tonight was very positive and harmonious and it discussed solutions that can lead to agreeing on an electoral law very soon.

In a related development LBCI reported that the Christian four-party panel agreed during its meeting in Bkirki this evening on adopting the Orthodox Gathering electoral law , under which each sect would elect its own lawmakers.