Siniora : Dialogue only if Hezbollah agrees to Discuss arms


Former Lebanese PM and current Future Movement parliamentary bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora stressed on Friday that the March 14-led opposition had presented “serious and acceptable” proposals over the national dialogue “contrary to what the other camp is claiming.”

“The March 14 camp will return to the national dialogue once Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announces his readiness to discuss incorporating his party’s arms in the Lebanese state.” he said

Siniora also reiterated the opposition’s demand for the resignation of the government and the formation of a neutral salvation one “that can confront the current extraordinary reality in Lebanon.”

The rejection of this proposal is a sign of some sides’ insistence on maintaining their unilateral approach to running the country, he remarked.

“The current government is that of Hezbollah and the Syrian regime. It is working on achieving the party’s local and regional interests, as well as protecting the regime in Syria,” Siniora added