Nasrallah urges Arabs to use oil to put pressure on Israel


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made another TV appearance via video link on Thursday to denounce the Israeli strikes against Gaza and to urge the Arab nations to use the oil as a weapon to force the US to put pressure on Israel .

Nasrallah was delivering his speech on the occasion of the first day of Muharram, which for

Muslims marks the start of the Islamic New Year .For the Shiite Muslims the 10th day of Muharram is very sacred since it marks the Day of Ashura.

Here are some of the key points he raised during his speech

“We have been witnessing a monstrous aggression against our people in Gaza, and the killing of Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jaabari and innocent civilians.” Nasarllah said and offered his condolences to the Hamas movement and the Palestinian people for the death of Jaabari whom he called a “heroic martyr”

“We condemn the Israeli aggression on Gaza and we call on the Arab world to take a firm stance in this regard by using the oil to exert pressure on Israel .”

“Arabs should exert pressure by decreasing the amount of oil exported, or by increasing the price of oil, thus, the economies of Western countries would be threatened and pressure would force the US and Israel to stop the aggression on Gaza.”

He added : ” Arabs are capable of stopping the aggression against Israel by exerting pressure on the US, which can, if it wants to , stop the aggression on Gaza by making a simple phone call.”

Nasrallah praised Hamas for firing the rockets from Gaza:

“The firing of rockets from Gaza on Tel Aviv shows the wisdom, courage and strength of the Palestinian resistance.” He said.

Nasrallah said the strikes prove that Israel does not need any excuses to launch a war

“What happened in Gaza proves that the enemy does not need a justification to wage war.”

He accused Israel of deceiving Hamas officials

“The Israeli enemy resorted to deception and backstabbing. A few days prior to the aggression, there were statements that Israel is seeking peace, but instead they killed the Hamas official.

He then launched an attack against the US and western countries

“The blood that fell in Gaza and the innocent people that were killed exposed the real image and intentions of the US and the Western countries.”

-The US proved again that it only works for its own interest, and not for the [Arab] people’s interest and democracy as it claims.