Nasrallah blasts March 14, warns against abandoning resistance


Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that an Iranian-made drone it recently flew over Israel gathered intelligence and was part of its deterrence strategy against the Jewish state.

Nasrallah was delivering a televised speech via video link on the occasion of Martyrs Day.

He praised the role of the resistance and said the Iranian-made Ayoub drone was part of the Lebanese defense strategy of Army ,people and resistance .

Here is a summary of the points he raised during his speech

“We are attached to the history of the Resistance, from June 1982 until this day, and we are proud of our past.”

“Some want us to relinquish our past, and they want the Arab people to also forget our past.

“They want us to be part of a present overruled by treason and forgery.”

” It is hard for us to accept that those who collaborated with the Israeli enemy come and give us lessons in patriotism.”

” And it is hard to accept that some would come and teach us about how to conduct a national defense strategy, especially those who share this history of collaboration with the Israelis.”

“We will continue our work within the framework of the Resistance and no one should believe, whether enemy or friend, that what is happening in the region will affect us.” A possible reference to the possible fall of the Syrian regime.

” We have reached a point where the Israeli enemy is acknowledging the deterrence capacity we have created in Lebanon.”

” The Israelis know that the data collected by the drone is capable of boosting the effectiveness of the rocket arsenal of Hezbollah , but were not able to react to the drone incident, due to the effect of the deterrence capabilities we have created.”

“On the other hand the March 14 coalition showed deep sadness over the drone incident, while some of their leaders were secretly hoping that Israel would attack Hezbollah.”

“This group never believed in the Resistance; some were collaborators and others were acting hypocritically by backing the Syrian regime without showing any sympathy toward the Resistance.”

” Gaza is being shelled every day and no one is reacting now.”

“Where has the Arab league been since 1982 “[when the Resistance was first established].”

“How will the countries of the Arab Spring react to this situation?”

” Where is the Arab League and the United Nations Security Council?”

” March 14 coalition wants to cut off the [element] that protects Lebanon.”

” If the Lebanese themselves do not protect themselves, no one will protect them.”

Commenting on the rejection by March 14th to participate in the dialogue talks that president Suleiman called for , he said

” Hezbollah accepted to sit at the dialogue table with those who collaborated with Israel out of sense of dignity and respect.”

He defended the right of the Communist party and Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya to particpate in the dialogue

“Is it acceptable that some of the factions who offered sacrifices in their fight against Israel are not part of the dialogue group?”

“The communist party and Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya for instance have the right to take part in dialogue since they have offered martyrs in their struggle against the Israeli enemy.”

Commenting on the assassination of the intelligence chief he said .

” The Ashrafieh bombing that martyred Internal Security Force Intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan was the beginning of a new crisis in the country.

“When there is tension in the country, as well as in the region, any incident such as this one requires exceptional acts of responsibilities.”

” Some political factions started quickly to launch accusations against Hezbollah.”

“If they have evidence about the bombing incident let them bringing it forward.”

” But the surprising thing is that they refused to consider Israel as a possible perpetrator while pointing fingers at Hezbollah.”

“March 14 started launching political accusations and decided to boycott the government, which they considered a Hezbollah-led government.”

“Some political factions affiliated with the opposing group as well as their western backers want strife in the country.”

” They want a Shiite-Sunni strife in the country, an explosion that would serve their interests.”

He singled out the Christians within the March 14 alliance as pushing for a Sunni – Shiite strife

” It is specifically the Christians within the March 14 coalition who want this sectarian strife to take place.”

He then commented about the Hezbollah clashes in Sidon with the Salafists.

” Sidon will remain the capital of the South and the capital of the resistance.”

” Some want to take Sidon toward sectarian strife amid a near complete negligence on behalf of the Lebanese state.”

” I call on Sunnis and Shiites to practice patience and self-restraint, and it is ultimately the state that should bear responsibility for what happens in the country.”

Commenting on the call by March 14 for a new cabinet he said

” Concerning the issue of the current government, I would like to say that there are two approaches; one that backs consensus and another that prefers the isolation of political opponents.”

” The Doha Accord forced [the March 14 group] to take part in a national unity government, despite their tendencies to isolate their opponents.”

“Prime Minister Najib Miqati exerted all efforts to form a national unity government. You do not want national unity, whether during times of dialogue or during lack of dialogue.”

Commenting on Lebanese Forces leader claim that March 14 would win the 2013 election regardless of the electoral law used he said

“If Geagea is sure about the success of the March 14 coalition in the parliamentary elections under any law, let them then accept proportionality as a new electoral law.”

Commenting on the Syrian crisis he said:

” When it comes to the situation in Syria, we consider that the end of hostility is in the interest of Syria and the Syrian people”.

” However, the danger is that the Syrian opposition is refusing dialogue and that could only be in the interest of the Americans and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

He concluded his speech by denying any role in the Bahrain conflict.

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