Syrian workers brutally assaulted in Beirut


Several youngsters who were riding three motorbikes and a four-wheel drive vehicle brutally assaulted Syrian workers at a construction site in Beirut’s Wata al-Msaytbeh neighborhood on Wednesday at midnight, National News Agency reported.

The assailants attacked and injured six workers with knives and sharp tools.

The victims were transferred to the Rafikq Hariri University Hospital, NNA reported adding , that some of them were in critical condition.

The reasons behind the attack remain unknown but security forces arrested seven suspects in the Beirut area of Ras al-Nabaa, including six Lebanese and one Palestinian.

The suspects were found armed with knives, machetes and other sharp tools similar to the weapons used in the assault.

This is not the first time Syrian workers are being subjected to brutal attacks . According to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, 72 male workers from Syria, Egypt and Sudan were attacked with broomsticks and “viciously kicked and beaten earlier in October.

HRW urged Lebanon to investigate the incident and punish the army and intelligence officials responsible for the beatings.

Most of attacks against the Syrian workers started after 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims were kidnapped in Syrian on their way back from Iran last May