Suleiman is still waiting for Assad’s call


In an interview on NBN television on Wednesday President Michel Suleiman said he has not received yet the phone call from Syrian president Bashar al Assad adding ” I hope this phone call will take place.”

Following the discovery of the explosives that were transported from Syria by former Minister Michel Samaha , Suleiman congratulated the Internal Security forces and announced that he is waiting for a phone call from President Assad about Syrian General Ali Mamlouk’s alleged participation in a terrorist plot with Samaha.

In response to a question about his recent change in stances Suleiman said : “Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary stances.”

In response to a question about the possibility of extending his presidential term the president responded: “I will not accept that my presidential term be extended and the constitution must be respected.”

In response to a question about launching his own political movement Suleiman responded:

“I’m not planning on launching a political movement, but such a movement might naturally emerge from the street. There is popular satisfaction with the president’s performance and this might pave the ground for the establishment of such a movement in the future.”

In response to a question about the so called resistance arms in Lebanon the president said: “Any weapons used domestically must be removed and this issue has nothing to do with the defense strategy and it is a separate item on the national dialogue’s agenda.” A possible reference to Hezbollah arms which were used domestically against the Lebanese people in May 2008