LAF confiscated weapons, explosives, ammunition in Dhahiya


Lebanon Army Command reported on Saturday that LAF’s intelligence knew that some persons were amassing weapons in the Rweiss area which is situated in Beirut’s southern suburb of al Dhahiya

LAF intelligence managed to arrest the suspects while they were riding a Nissan Patrol SUV in Rweiss area. The car contained a significant amount of weapons, explosives and ammunition that were confiscated by the LAF, according to a statement by the Army Command

The seizures were handed over to the competent authorities and the raids will continue until the car owner and all the other people that are involved are arrested, according to the   statement

This development comes after the army said on Saturday its forces raided the Dhahiya district of Beirut and arrested a member of the powerful Mikdad  ( Meqdad) Shiite clan which claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of 20 Syrians and a Turkish businessman.

The Dhahiya is a stronghold of the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah militant group.