Leader of gang involved in bank robberies arrested


The Lebanese army said in a statement on Tuesday that it arrested the leader of a gang responsible for recent bank robberies in the country, National News Agency reported.

The report added that army intelligence arrested the suspect and his partner, identified as Mohammad al-Jouni and Mohammad Ayyoub, and that the former confessed to forming an armed gang which was involved in a number of bank robberies.

The investigations also revealed that Jouni was involved in the shooting that injured a Lebanese army officer when BLOM Bank was held up in the Metn area of Elissar on August 9, according to the NNA.

It added that a stash of weapons and explosives were confiscated from a house in Beirut which was used by the gang after it was raided by army troops following the suspects’ arrest.

A string of armed bank robberies in recent months have hit Lebanon, where several banks in Beirut and its surroundings have been targeted.

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