A Lebanese businessman went missing south of Beirut, update


A Lebanese businessman , identified as Raja al-Zouhairi, went missing on Thursday but his car and some of his personal belongings were found in Aramoun just south of the capital Beirut

, New ( al Jadeed) TV reported.

Zouhairi owns a gas station in Wata El Mousaytbeh near the Cola roundabout in western Beirut , according to the report

LBC television reported that the abduction was for financial reasons,” adding that a Progressive Socialist Party security delegation met with a Hezbollah delegation “to discuss the incident.”

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have told their citizens to leave Lebanon after Shiite gunmen from the Mikdad clan kidnapped more than 20 people. It comes amid signs that violence in Syria is spilling across the border.

Update: The abductors on Thursday night demanded a $1 million ransom from the abductee’s spouse during a phone conversation, National News Agency reported.

Lebanon’s government appeared largely unable or unwilling to stop the kidnapping spree and escalating violence. Hezbollah and its allies dominate the Cabinet.