Egypt Releases Partial List of Ministers


Egypt’s official news agency released a partial list of the country’s incoming civilian cabinet on Wednesday that included some holdovers from the military-backed team but few Islamist ministers.

The choices by President Mohamed Morsi’s prime minister, Hesham Kandil, are seen as a test of the intentions of Mr. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

The news agency listed more than 20 ministers in the new cabinet, so far including only two members from the Brotherhood, apparently in an attempt to calm concerns over the group’s intention to dominate the government. The Brotherhood appointees will run the higher education and housing ministries.

The ministers of information, justice and culture are yet to be named, highlighting the tough negotiations over the posts. The defense minister is expected to be named by the military.

Mr. Morsi has promised an inclusive government, but an alliance of pro-democracy advocates criticized him for choosing a prime minister with few known accomplishments, while alienating political groups with liberal leanings. According to the partial list, the ministers of finance and foreign affairs from the departing transitional military-backed government keep their posts, apparently in an attempt to reassure Egypt’s international allies and investors.

NY Times