Update: 2 killed in renewed clashes in Tripoli, Lebanon


LBC has reported that the fighting in Tripoli between    Bab al Tabbanah and Jabel Mohsen has escalated and that 2 people were killed in Harat al Baraniyah neighborhood of  Bab alTabbanah .

LBC added that the Lebanese internal security did not intervene to stop the fighting

Lebanon Security officials said earlier today that  clashes between the pro and anti-Syrian groups in the northern Lebanese  capital  Tripoli have killed at least one person and wounded five.

The officials said the fighting started shortly before midnight Friday and continued Saturday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

The residents of Bab al Tabbanah are predominately Sunnis who support the uprising against Syrian president Bashar al Assad , while the residents of Jabel Mohsen are predominately Alawites ( like Assad) and they are staunch supporters of the embattled Syrian president