Is having a Facebook account a crime in Lebanon?


86 people from the Jezzine area were reportedly  summoned by the Lebanese Army intelligence   to the Zougheib Barracks in Saida for investigation, An Nahar reports. Those people don’t have warrants against them. They haven’t done anything wrong – unless having a Facebook account is a crime!

The summoned individuals have to be  at the barracks around 8 am. The investigation  lasts till 2 pm. Most of them are people who hold professional  jobs  that they have to attend to.  One of them was even a university professor.

The army intelligence is reportedly  busy stalking Facebook profiles and asking people to come in for a full-day affair to ask  about their statuses, friends, profile pictures  etc.

Brig.-Gen. Abbas Ibrahim is the  director-general of the General Security Department of the Lebanese army . He  is closely associated with the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah militant group which currently dominates the Lebanese government. Facebook account holders in Iran and Syria have reportedly been experiencing similar problems.

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