One dead, 2 wounded in Jdeideh, Beirut shoot-out


Lebanese citizen Elie Joseph Naaman died of his wounds on Wednesday at the hospital in Jdeideh , a Beirut suburb .

Two individuals in a Grand Cherokee SUV reportedly entered the bike shop which is owned by the Al-Naaman family. A dispute late occurred between the two sides which evolved to a shoot-out when One of the individuals who was identified as Nehme shot in the direction of the Al-Naaman’s severely injuring Elie Joseph Naaman. He was taken to Mar Youssef Hospital where he later died of his wounds.

Elie’s brother Bernard Naaman was also injured alongside their employee Tony Nehmeh , a Syrian citizen who received a gunshot in the leg. The latter was taken to Al-Arz hospital.

The Internal Security Forces soon appeared in the area and have since opened up an investigation. They were able to arrest Nehmeh and Tantawi, and are in pursuit of the others.

MTV reported that residents blocked the road in East Beirut’s Dekwaneh to protest the death of Naaman