Syrian activists claim Six Assad Officials Killed


The Syrian activist opposition group, the Local Coordination Committee, is claiming that six high-ranking officials of President Bashar al-Assad inner circle have been killed by the rebel forces.

The regime is saying that such reports are “baseless.” One of those killed is reportedly Assef Shawkat, the head of Syrian intelligence and Assad’s brother-in-law. Sources from the Revolutionary Council for Damascus are trying to confirm who exactly was killed or injured,according to the rports.

In addition to Shawkat the list includes

Minister of Interior Mohammad Al-Shaar

Minister of Defence Daoud Rajha

National security chief Hisham Bakhtiar.

Hassan Turkmani, assistant to the vice president

Mohammad Said Bakhtian, assistant to the Baath Party chief

The Syrian regime has accused Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, who aired the report, of inciting “discord” in Syria ever since a revolt broke out in March 2011.


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