Aoun, Suleiman attack each other via social networks


Free patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun and Lebanese president Michel Suleiman used the Twitter and Facebook social networks to attack each other

Aoun said Saturday that future Lebanese president should head a “parliamentary bloc with ministers representing him.”

Aoun also criticized the idea of a consensual Lebanese president.

“Experience does not encourage [us] to accept a consensual president again.”

Aoun’s remarks were made on Twitter and Facebook social networks.

At least, a consensual president does not beg

President Michel Suleiman on Saturday slammed Aoun over the issue of consensual Lebanese president.

“At least, a consensual president does not beg for the presidency; on the contrary everyone asks him to accept it,” Suleiman said on his social networking site Facebook page.

Other issues

Aoun also rejected trying members of the South Lebanon Army (SLA), saying that “the local and regional situation [during the Lebanese civil war] forced them to be present in the areas that were under Israeli occupation.”

“It is unacceptable to try people who struggled to stay in their homes and on their land.”

The SLA was considered a Lebanese militia during the bloody Lebanese civil war (1975-1990).

50 % of parliament

Aoun who did not field any women candidates during the 2009 election said Saturday “women should have 50 percent quota in the parliament”.

Six weeks before the Lebanese parliamentary elections in 2009 the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) had a campaign to attract women voters.

The campaign whose slogan was ‘Be beautiful and vote’ was heavily criticized by Lebanese women.

Katia (not her real name) a Lebanese journalist in Lebanon posted a parody of the campaign, “Be animal and vote”, on the Web.

“Be animal and vote” was a way of reminding readers that too often, beautiful women are considered stupid, sheep-like creatures, whose opinion doesn’t count. My slogan clarifies the ads underlying misogyny, and warns women, if there are any, who may identify themselves with this stereotype, to realise they’re being considered as no better than cattle.”

Back to the presidency. According to political analysts “Aoun is again eyeing the presidency and for this reason he is trying to write the specifications around himself. He knows he cannot be elected as a consensus president , for this reason he is focusing on the strength of his parliamentary bloc. He is also pushing for an electoral law based on proportional representation in order to secure a larger bloc

with the help of his key ally Hezbollah”