Aoun will wait for the investigations before commmenting


The Change and Reform leader MP Michel Aoun said that he wants to wait for the investigation results before commenting on the attempted assassination of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and the killing of Al Jadeed camereman Ali Shaaban.

“I am a bloc leader and a former army commander and premier. [That is why] I wait for the investigation’s results.” Aoun told reporters following the meeting of his bloc on Tuesday

Aoun offered his condolences for the death of Shaaban but did not come up with any reason for not congratulating Geagea for surviving the assassination attempt;

“There was “no reason” for not contacting Geagea and congratulate him for his safety.” He said

Geagea miraculously survived an assassination attempt last Wednesday when, snipers targeted him outside his Maarab residence in the district of Kesrouan.

Aoun said in response to the Al Jadeed’s ’s accusation that the Syrian army fired on Shaaban and killed him on Monday near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

“The results of the investigation into Shaaban’s murder were not officially published. We will comment on the issue when the results are known.” .

While all the media criticized Syria yesterday for the attack, OTV station Aoun’s mouthpiece blamed Shaaban for the incident and said it holds Al Jadeed TV responsible. On the other hand Al Manar TV the mouthpiece of Hezbollah called Shaaban a martyr and Hezbollah itself condemned the attack and sent MP Hassan fadlallah to represent it at Shaaban’s funeral today .

Aoun, a close ally of Syria and Hezbollah has been defending the Syrian regime ever since the uprising started 13 months ago in Syria.

Other issues

Aoun also commented on statements criticizing Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui for not handing telecom date to the relevant security forces.

“You have to know there is a mechanism for handing [telecom] data, and there is a cabinet decision on the matter. The [telecommunications] minister has nothing to do with it.”

Aoun also commented on the electoral law that will be used in the upcoming 2013 parliamentary elections and said he supported a law based on proportional representation and one electoral district.

“Proportional representation [rids us] of sectarianism and [produces] a real majority and a real minority.”He said.

MP Walid Jumblatt is reportedly dead against Proportional representation and for this reason the majority is trying to avoid raising the issue at the parliament. Without Jumblatt the majority does not have the votes , since the opposition is expected to also vote against it