Iraqi mom beaten to death by racist in US


Shaima Alawadi, 32 and a mother of five, died after she was taken off life support Saturday at a hospital in San Diego County, CNN said.

Ms Alawadi had been on life support since Wednesday when her teenage daughter found her unconscious in the living room of their home.

“During the initial stages of this investigation, a threatening note was discovered very close to where the victim was found,” police Lieutenant Mark Coit told the network.

Ms Alawadi’s daughter said the note told the family to go back to Iraq and called them “terrorists,” according to CNN.

“A week ago they left a letter saying, ‘This is our country, not yours, you terrorists,'” the daughter, Fatima Al Himidi told the network.

“So my mom ignored that, thinking (it was) kids playing around, pranking.

“And so the day they hurt her, they left it again and it said the same thing.”

The family reportedly came to the United States from Iraq in the mid-1990s.

The Telegraph