Teenager in Lebanon stages own abduction to gain $100k ransom from parents


An 18-year old teenager who claimed that he was abducted in the Baalbek village of Brital confessed that he planned his kidnapping with two other accomplices in order to split the ransom, the National News Agency reported.

The two partners demanded the teenager’s parents to pay a $100,000 ransom to win his release.

The teenager A. M. told investigators at Baalbek police station that he faked his abduction after agreeing with H. J., 27, and A. A., 29, to split the ransom.

But the teenager admitted that he changed his mind and returned home.

The two accomplices were detained and confessed their plot, the NNA said.

On Wednesday, a teenager who was kidnapped in Baalbek has been released by his captors, who demanded $200,000 for his release.

Ali Ahmed al-Mukh, 16, was abducted by armed men on the Ain Bourday road in Baalbek in eastern Lebanon.

Last week, another teenager was released by his captors after four days of captivity.

Ziad Khaled Abou Esper, 16, was released on the road leading to the town of al-Jamaliya, north of Baalbek.

The kidnappers had demanded a $150,000 ransom after seizing him from his father’s cow farm in the town of Adous.