Lebanon FM criticizes Arab League decisions


Lebanon Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour criticized on Sunday the Arab League’s decisions and said they are holding the Syrian regime accountable for the crisis in Syria and ignoring the responsibility of the opposition.

“The decisions of the Arab League are always holding the regime responsible for the crisis and are turning a blind eye to the opposition, which owns weapons and is publicly admitting military acts, especially that there is a large quantity of weapons entering Syria,” National News Agency NNA quoted Mansour as saying during the Arab League’s meeting on Sunday.

Mansour said that “the Arab League has failed to insure security and hold dialogue in Syria.”

Mansour also said that “acknowledging the Syrian National Council (SNC) as the representative of the Syrian people is a very dangerous decision because it will put the country in a dark tunnel.”

Mansour who represents the Amal movement ( a close ally of Hezbollah ) in the cabinet has been criticized for his bias towards the Syrian regime . On January 23 Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt told Mansour to shut up over the Syrian crisis.

“If only Lebanon’s envoy at the Arab League meetings would remain silent over the Syrian crisis instead of proposing solutions to the unrest.” Jumblatt said



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