Iranian envoy: Iran is ready to build 2 power plants in Lebanon


Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Ghadanfar Roken Abadi told MTV on Monday evening that Iran is ready to build two power plants in Lebanon and can start building the plants two weeks after the contract is awarded.

But according to energy experts Iran does not build any power generation equipment and will have to purchase them from the west.

Due to the sanctions recently imposed on Iran it will be very difficult for it to buy such equipment . Lebanon on the other hand enjoys much better relations with the western world and is better positioned to hire the most competitive contractor to build such plants using Arab money at low interest rates to finance them.

Iran has actively seeking a role in supplying Lebanon with the power needed to end the blackouts. Yesterday the Iranian envoy offered to transmit to Lebanon at competitive price about 200 to 400 MW via Iraq and Syria

One analyst told Ya Libnan on Sunday :

“If Iran really wants to help then the solution is simple . It should convince its allies in Lebanon ‘Hezbollah and Amal’ to pay their electric bills. Once they start paying Lebanon can then easily afford to finance the construction of thousands of Megawatts of electricity plants”.