Blind anti-Assad Sunni cleric escapes Syria to Jordan


A Syrian dissident says a blind cleric who is an outspoken critic of Syrian President Bashar Assad has fled to Jordan.

Fadi Abu Mustafa of the Free Syrian Army says blind mosque preacher Ahmad al-Sayasneh was smuggled into Jordan Saturday from the rebellious border town of Deraa through a hilly northern border area devoid of Syrian patrols.

Mustafa says Jordanian police are questioning him.

Al-Sayasneh, a Sunni Muslim, preached at Deraa’s Omari Mosque, delivering fiery sermons calling for civil disobedience. Dozens of people have been killed in clashes with Syrian forces in Deraa.

Syrian dissidents say he was jailed and tortured for his anti-Assad remarks.

The Free Syrian Army force of defectors from the Syrian military is based in Turkey, with followers in Jordan and Lebanon




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  1.  Well, good news for me, thanks!

  2.  Well, good news for me, thanks!

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