March 14 hails SNC’s statement over future ties with Lebanon


March 14 General Secretariat hailed on Wednesday the statement issued earlier by the Syrian National Council’s office.

The SNC issued a statement earlier saying that it wants to “reconsider the agreements signed between Lebanon and Syria and ink new ones which would take into account the interests of both countries, as well as common benefits.”

“The General Secretariat considers the SNC statement as a sign of hope and a courageous step that opens a new page in the Lebanese-Syrian ties based on the sovereignty and independence of both countries,” the statement issued by March 14 General Secretariat said.

The statement also said that “March 14 looks forward to further communication with the SNC.”

The statement also said that the new agreements that SNC wants to sign with Lebanon “will focus on bilateral ties in the framework of correct diplomatic representation.”

The SNC also pledged to “cancel the Lebanese-Syrian Higher Council,” and called for “controlling and demarcating the Lebanese-Syrian border, especially the Shebaa farms [region].”

It also pledged to “end the Syrian intelligence’s influence in Lebanon, and stop Syrian intervention in Lebanese affairs.”

The SNC also vowed to “put end to arms trafficking from Syria to Lebanon.”

The council also said it will “form a Syrian-Lebanese committee to tackle the issue of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails.”

The statement added said that “free, independent and democratic Syria acknowledges Lebanon as a sovereign and independent country.”



7 responses to “March 14 hails SNC’s statement over future ties with Lebanon”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Who writes that crap?

    1. shankarees Avatar

      Another dosh bag.

  2.  Avatar

    Who writes that crap?

    1.  Avatar

      Another dosh bag.

  3.  Avatar

    You know the face that March 14 are not in power now is a blessing in disguise. Imagine if Harriri was still PM and he openly supported the revolt in Syria. HA would have taken Beirut over AGAIN and overthrew the Government. I guess all things really do happen for a reason…….

    1.  Avatar

      So, if ever thing has a reason, and you get cancer tomorrow, we should not treat you so that we can find out what the reason is.

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